2009 Review and Aims Final Part

I've failed

Short, honest and to the point. The last 5 months have been an epic fail for me in terms of my mid-year resolutions and personal goals. I'm not going to go back through them or explain the multitude of things that had to take priority this year. Suffice to say, I did not achieve what I intended and that needs to change.

I've Succeeded

2009 has not been a complete failure. In 12 months in our new home we have completely refitted the bathroom & replaced leaky plumbing, had the entire house rewired, redecorated the lounge, almost finished redecorating & updating the kitchen and organised for the windows and doors to be replaced as needed. I've also succeeded in my first year of employment, and to top it off after 5 years of engagement I have finally (finally) booked my wedding, huzzah!

The Future

This year I have published 24 articles, but I have 20 drafts sitting waiting to be given some TLC and a click on the publish button. There's no point in updating goals I haven't achieved yet, but I certainly need a plan of action if I'm going to succeed with this blog. To stop the house and wedding from taking over my life entirely in 2010, I am going to have to get organised.

I have a weapon up my sleeve for this one: my shiny new iPhone. It pains me that I'm pinning my hopes on an Apple product, but such is life. I've organised all my contacts and events into Google Mail and Calendar and am using Google Sync to magically sync all that info with my iPhone. Now all I need is a ToDo list application that does the same syncing magic. I'm having to move away from my online favourite todoist because none of the iPhone apps seem to work (I paid £2.99 to find that out!). I'm planning to try out Toodledo but any recommendations would be graciously received!

I'm also loving the Wordpress app for the iPhone. It is letting me regain those minutes wasted whilst dinner cooks or the kettle boils and use them towards getting one of those draft articles published. There's plenty more to be said about the iPhone, but I'll save that for another blog post.

So that's it from me for 2009, it's been a toughy. Here's to an organised 2010 that's rich in blog content!