5 Top Resources for Twitter Success

I've been experimenting with developing my Twitter account for the last year or so, and this week I published 5 simple steps for getting from beginner to a successful Twitterer: Getting Started with Twitter: 5 Simple Steps. The article is aimed largely at small companies and organisations who are looking to use Twitter to drive traffic to their sites and improve their Brand's reputation.

I thought I'd post a link here, as I wanted to add my top 5 resources. The following 5 articles go into more depth regarding what Twitter is about, do's and dont's and how to make best use of the service. Enjoy!

  1. Twitter Glossary – 15 Common Twitter Terms Explained
  2. Practical 101s: Getting started with Twitter - from Dave Fleet
  3. My Twitter Rules : What not to do - from John O'Nolan
  4. 7 ways to use Microblogging Services for Traffic and Brand Exposure - from DoshDosh
  5. How to Track your Success or Failure on Twitter - from Rich Page