Disneyland, here I come!

Two weeks ago, my slightly better half had his 30th birthday. To celebrate him becoming a "proper" adult, I decided there was nothing more fitting than a visit to Disneyland. So on Monday we're flying to Florida for three whole weeks of tomfoolery in Orlando!!

We've got tickets for everything, full Disney and Universal passes, tickets for Kennedy space centre, Busch Gardens, Seaworld and the big one: A day out at Discovery Cove swimming with dolphins. Although I have always intended to keep this mostly a technical blog, this is one thing that I want to both document and share. So from Monday morning, in keeping with the current trend of social media, I'll be keeping everyone informed of every detail of our trip via Twitter and Flickr!

I have twitter and flickr streams in my footer, but take this as an advanced warning that for the next three weeks the content of this blog may go slightly "off topic". But don't go away, there are also a couple of "proper" technical posts which I hope to get live before I go & a couple more to keep this place ticking over whilst I'm away! So keep an eye out, enjoy the pics, and I'll see you all when I get back!