Four things for four months (ish)

Today is my 25th birthday. It feels like a milestone, something that needs to be marked and celebrated. Scarily it's lead me to do a little thinking and life-pondering.

We're fast heading for Q3 of 2010. I set myself the task of being organised this year, I've done better, but not great. I think this awesome cartoon explains it best (Well worth a read).

Anyway, this time I've decided to set myself 4 serious goals. 4 things to achieve, in the 4 remaining months of the year:

  1. Build something in ruby on rails
  2. Make something cool with Arduino
  3. Release a WordPress plugin to the world
  4. Write a paid article for another blog

All four of these things involve creating something and all four of them involve doing something new. The rest of my commitments still stand: my job, my blog, ExplicitWeb podcast, freelance work, planning the wedding, and general life. These four goals are about making progress, expanding my skills and achieving something tangible.

Here's to progress. Mmmmm cake...