Grunt & Ghost

Getting Ghost deployed to an EC2 instance was a real win yesterday. I wrote my first ever bash script to configure EC2 for running Ghost, and quickly managed to write my second ever bash script to build and deploy Ghost to specifc EC2 instance. Feeling pretty pleased with myself.

The build clones Ghost from GitHub and uses a grunt task that we already had setup thanks to Jacob Gable to pre-compile sass & handlebars, clean up some config files and get the raw codebase into a state ready for deploy. Grunt is turning into one of my favourite things... it's just so useful for getting tricky things done.

Ghost is already making pretty heavy use of Grunt: for compiling sass & handlebars, for linting, for running tests, for doing builds and soon for building documentation. I have a feeling Grunt & Ghost are going to be best of buddies for a long while.