Magic Kingdom Font - Space Encounter

This is a pretty silly & out of the norm post for me, but what the hell! Whilst in Stitch's Great Escape @ Disneyland last month I was enthralled by the use of a clever font so that it looked like all the signs were written in an alien language. All the characters were just different enough from latin letters to look unreadable on first glance, but close enough to be readable if you squint a bit & stare a while!

I have always been fascinated by foreign characters. I once tried to learn Ancient Egyptian & did a short course in Mandarin as part of my Masters in International Business. So as odd as it may seem, this kind of thing is right up my street.

Musings of ErisDS

I vowed I'd search for the font when I got home, and lo and behold, much to my amusement it exists as a free font on Da Font. It's called Space Encounter and it was created by Steve Ferrera (who also has some other nice fonts on Da Font) after visiting Disney World. Those of you who have looked at my twitter page with a large resolution recently might have seen something like this before, but for everyone else enjoy my little secret message :)