More life beyond the internet

Last week, whilst on my honeymoon in Cuba, I wrote this post about being disconnected, and liking it.

I've been home 2 days, and haven't yet brought myself to deal with my email, read any news, or write a tweet. I've been on facebook, but that's because it's where my friends, family and wedding photos are. I'm only half using my iPhone... I've only had my PC on a couple of hours a day... I'm feeling slightly intimidated.

Normally when people are addicted to something, they're told to avoid it completely. Some people go cold turkey, other people wean themselves gently, but the key to giving up is giving up entirely. I'm addicted to being connected to the internet, but my life dictates I can't give it up entirely - it's my livelihood and to be honest it's who I am.

I believe my earlier conclusion was correct: I need a better balance - to disconnect once in a while. At the moment I'm worried that once I get back on twitter, catch up with everything that's going on, get my iPhone notifications all switched on again etc, I'll forget how to disconnect again and get lost in the ether. So this is my reminder to myself (before I take the plunge) to turn my iPhone off once in a while, to disconnect - you don't ALWAYS need to know what's going on - and to take a little time to relax "Cuban style" once in a while.