Spring Reflections

I'm sat outside relaxing & enjoying the last few minutes of sunshine offered by the second joyous March Sunday in a row. In between a spot of gardening, I've managed to finish the refactor & upgrade of the Ghost editor I've been working on for a few days. Now it's time to test it out.

I try to continuously put Ghost through its paces by sitting down and actually blogging, especially when there are big changes. Today I've gotten a bit bored of the 0.4.2 theme update post I've been crafting (coming soon). Instead I had a little wave of inspiration for something a bit different.

I find it fascinating just how much the start of Spring inspires renewal. New Year's resolutions are such a popular tradition, but I personally find the burst of energy brought by that first bit of post-Winter sunshine is a much better springboard for change. This year I feel like the daffodils I just planted - bright, fresh and full of the promise of Spring!

It's been a pretty tough Winter. I've been working so intensively on Ghost that I accidentally became a weird hermit-geek that operates in a dark space, wears the same hoodie day after day and forgets that there is anything outside of the internet. My poor husband deserves many medals.

With the dawn of Spring last weekend came the promise of using outdoor spaces again. Warmth and sunlight means I can ditch the hoodie, the fresh air is intoxicating, the sense of being overwhelmed is melting away, and the physical activity is doing me the world of good. The occasion calls for recognition, I intend to stamp this sense of newness and opportunity on my mind by writing it down.

My personal blog has been much unloved the past year. Part of me feels a sense of loss at not having blogged more of the journey I've been on with Ghost, or the previous transition into the world of JavaScript. There has been so much going on, so many changes, that I haven't really known what was worth writing about.

Today I am committing to changing that. I'm not going to go back and write up the history of the last year, John's already doing that and it's well worth a read. Instead I intend to take back my blog as a space for reflection, somewhere to do a little mental weeding, and perhaps plant an idea or two.