State of the Browser

On the 19th March I'm going to be attending "State of the Browser". It's an event hosted by the London Web Standards group for "web creators" to get the low down on up-and-coming features of the 4 modern browsers.

Tickets for the event are £10 and are still available on Eventbrite. You can follow tweets about the event via the hashtag #lwsbrowser

Representatives will be attending from Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera and Google to introduce the latest and greatest in browser-based technologies. For me it's going to be really interesting to see folks from all four browsers together in the same space, and watch them hash out the doubtless tricky questions that will be flying around the room. I'm also interested to get the inside scoop on what the plan of attack is for each browser and handling all the magic that is meant to come with HTML5. I also imagine that they'll all have some pretty nifty apps and demos to show us what they can do.

The HTML5 readiness interactive infographic is one of my favourite little tools for inspecting what will be available where, and determining which features will really be usable in the near future. It shows that not just IE6, but IE7 & IE8 also need to die out or completely lose market share before a lot of the new tech will be truly ready for use. I hope everyone has already heard about Microsoft's IE6 Countdown page tracking the death of it's much loathed browser, but is this just too little too late? You can test your current browser out at (at the moment even Chrome only scores 282/400 for me) And this blog post is also pretty interesting for seeing CSS3 support as well.

For other random & interesting browser-based statistics & infographics (I collect these things!) check out this graph of historical browser statistics, these breakdowns of browser statistics by country, or this overview of browser performance statistics.

Drop me a comment/tweet if you'll be there too!