Symfony: New Static Text Management Plugin

Generally, when I find something interesting I use twitter & delicious to spread the word, but this morning something in my RSS Reader got me excited enough to decide to write a blog post. Thomas Rabaix has hit the nail on the head with his latest offering: Wording is not a developer job. Not only with his underlying premise, but also with the solution he has developed to solve the problem of managing static content.

All-too-often developers are sent change requests which are nothing more than to fix a typo, update an address or fix an incorrect translation. The time taken to locate, modify, and re-deploy these changes are often disproportionate with the amount of work a client would consider was involved. What Thomas' plugin does, is add to Symfony's I18n (Internationalisation) capabilities so that all static text, in multiple languages, can be managed via a CMS-like control panel.

With this plugin, the power to manage all text in a web app can be handed over to clients with the rest of the administration panel. This has the benefit of further seperating content & function, and the roles of copywriter, content manager, and web developer. Now if only there was a similar tool for Wordpress, my typo-fixing days would be over!