Veganuary — Day 4

I’m having a weird Wednesday. After a late evening working, I had a little bit of a lie in and then did some work from home with a lovely black filter coffee.

I’ve now ran out of almond milk, but I have some oat milk coming in the Ocado delivery tomorrow. I have some avocados in, but also ran out of bread to toast. So I decided to skip breakfast and go to the gym instead. The horror, I know. But I find it easier to work out and then eat something.

After the gym I head straight to the office via the Waitrose in town. I wanted to get the veggie sushi and maybe a small salad so I had enough to graze on. Typically they didn’t have the salad I wanted or any veggie sushi. Back to the drawing board.

Interestingly, Waitrose do have a bunch of other prepared salad type things that are vegan but not in the lunch section. There’s a whole other area of stuff which I presume is marketed towards sides for main meals, usually near the lettuce and cucumbers. There’s a nutty rice salad which I have had before and it’s real nice, and some couscous salads that are vegan. They are cheaper than the stuff in the lunch fridges, too.

I spotted this which is new, and can be heated up, so I gave it a go:

I ate the whole pouch for lunch. It was filling, a little dry but nice enough. Fairly high salt content but you can’t have it all. I also got some pop chips and some carob 9 bar’s to snack on. I realised I didn’t snack at all yesterday and I missed it. Plus it makes me eat larger meals which I don’t like to do.

These are so good, and quite healthy for crisps. State Vegan on the packaging.
These say “may contain milk” but there is no dairy in the ingredients. They’re missing a trick by not making these foolproof vegan. I bought them anyway — and what?

Lots to do, many little hours to do it in. I spent the afternoon and much of the evening with my head down listening to SOHN, Wolf Alice and Nils Frahm.

Drank mostly water and some tea. I have these teabags from Waitrose in the office, when I first bought them I had no idea what Ginkgo was (infact I still don’t), but they were the cheapest option so I tried them out. Real nice. The ginger is a nice touch.

Note: Turns out Ginkgo is from a tree. I think they use the leaves in tea. It has various mysterious health benefits.

Later on I was going to finish my soup, but when I got home, someone very lovely had gone and got some more vegan cheese ahead of schedule and made some nice grilled mushroom burgers, with the cheese, avocado, onion and tomato. Real nice, used the George grill. (Thanks Jack, my only Veganuary reader).

I had some alpro soya chocolate after, love this stuff.

The little ones make me feel like a vegan toddler

How do I feel so far?

I do get frustrated when I am trying to buy food and options fade away faster than I do after one too many gin & tonics. But I have stuck with it and managed to get by so far.

I have definitely been eating healthier. There are some small Christmas chocolates in the house which I would normally eat after a meal to appease my sweet tooth. I can’t do this now so I’ve been eating oranges and apples. Though I am glad I got some snacks in today because I do like to nibble things at my desk to keep me going. Water and healthy tea just won’t cut it.

My stomach has been a bit weird. But this isn’t unusual by any means. I have suspected IBS (according to the doctor who asked my symptoms and sent me away with an antispasmodic prescription). I don’t really take the medication, and I know it’s often stress induced, hormonal, or down to what I eat.

I wouldn’t say this has got better since the first day of the month, but I am hoping it will balance itself out. My body is probably still getting over the excess of alcohol and cheese I had over Christmas.