What is WRONG with my iPhone?

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I've already filed a report on the Apple website & am about to go phone them for help. I'm not expecting much & I'm getting seriously frustrated. Maybe it's only on Windows 7, but the iPhone syncing process seems to have some serious flaws.

I've had an iPhone for exactly a month today. In that time I have come to be totally addicted & completely in love with the device. It's sleek, stylish, easy-to-use and does everything I need from the device in my pocket. But it's also BUGGY, really, really BUGGY to the point where it's almost useless.

Just after Christmas I made the mistake of syncing my phone on my work machine, such that everything was erased from the phone. Ok, silly mistake, but it shouldn't be that easy to wipe your mobile phone! When I got home and tried to sync everything back - it wouldn't.

Each time I attempted to sync it would throw 3 or 4 unintelligable errors messages and then iTunes would refuse to recognised my iPhone. I'd then have to do a restore & start over with the sync. Eventually I realised I could sync only by syncing 1 or 2 apps at a time - not the whole lot. Problem solved. No more accidental work syncing for me!

Last week I connected my phone up for a routine sync - I had some new music I wanted to get onto the phone for the weekend - but again it threw 3 or 4 unintelligable errors (like -48, -49 and -2ksomething) and failed to sync. Everything seemed ok with the iPhone, however halfway through my weekend away my apps started to do the "flash-and-crash" thing. This has happened before and turning the iPhone off and on again normally fixes it, but not this time! I read that some people had found installing a new app fixes it, so I tried that and luckily it worked.

Now I'm home and my iPhone isn't recognised by iTunes anymore. I get a message saying "an iPhone has been previously synced with the machine" and allowing me to either set the iPhone up as a new phone, or restore from a really old backup. In addition, when using the iPod function it only plays one track and then crashes.

I've tried searching the net to see if others have this issue, and if there's something I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's Windows 7, maybe it's cos I'm using Google Sync, or maybe there is some rogue app causing havoc during the syncing process. All I know is that losing all my data every 2 weeks is rendering my iPhone totally useless.