Wordpress 2.8

Over the weekend I updated my blog to Wordpress 2.8. It's been a relatively smooth process complete screw-up (see my comment at the bottom) although I lost my archive and recent post widgets as I had hacked them to be multiple instance. As they are now multiple instance anyway (hurrah) I was able to remove the extra code and get everything back working properly.

So far I haven't taken too much time to dig around but I am definitely liking the new widgets interface. I have several different sidebars (for the homepage, footer, single page, page, etc) so not having to remember to save it and then switch sidebars to make multiple changes is much, much slicker. I'm really looking to experimenting with the new widgets API as well - I've got a few ideas for widgets, but if anyone reading this has ideas feel free to shoot them at me :)

On the other hand, I really dislike the new plugins interface. Having them all in one long list without a clear indication of which ones are active or inactive is really confusing, especially when you use a lot of plugins like me! I much preferred the old design with sections, where all active plugins were at the top.

Has anyone else had problems with using the widgets interface in Firefox? At first I thought it was either my connection or my hosting, but it works fine in chrome, itjust freezes in Firefox, along with gmail. It's very frustrating as although I love chrome, I really miss my delicious, evernote, firebug, and other plugins!

Update: Is it me or is tagging not working in Wordpress 2.8? I'm completely unable to add tags to this post!
Update 2: It wasn't me, it was DB Cache. Apparently that plugin causes the tagging issue along with hyperdb another DB caching plugin. Hope it's fixed soon, but for now I can disable whilst I edit and then re-enable - fiddly but workable!