WordPress: Migrate! Version 0.0.4

A new version of Migrate! is now available to download from Github.

What does this fix?

This is a really small update / bugfix to add support for https:// in the URL checks.

All credit goes to bteryk

It's been a while...

It's been far too long! This is one small step towards getting Migrate! back into active development. There are many more features & fixes to come, but first I had to get my head around github, pull requests etc again. All that is done now and I'm hoping to push several additional updates in the coming weeks.

Does this mean it still works?

I still use Migrate! on a regular basis and always on the most recent version of WordPress. So far it is standing the test of time. There has been an issue reported with Migrate! not migrating the URLs in the new menu feature, but this will only affect you if you hard code absolute URLs in the menu. You can keep up to date with any issues on GitHub