WordPress Simple Widget Plugin

A framework for building simple WordPress plugins

At the moment, this code is provided as-is with no guarantees. This is the plugin as I use it and there is currently no documentation or server support information. If you do use it I'd appreciate you taking the time to provide some feedback.

It's probably a bit much to call this a framework as it stands - rather a skeleton plugin. Copy the files, rename the variables etc to your own plugin and start adding to it.

Current features:

  • init function
  • activation & deactivation functions
  • widget support
  • scheduling functions
  • basic settings page with menu entry


Simple Widget Plugin - Version 0.0.1BETA [Zip File]

Future plans

Plans for the very near future include adding support for custom meta boxes & custom content types and for admin scripts and styles. I plan to provide a web interface where you can enter a name, select the components you need and a customised skeleton will be generated for you.