It's been a Very Quiet Month...

It's now been over a month since my last post to this blog. I had promised not to ever let it get longer than 10 days, but this past month has been an exceptional circumstance. I've had a few enquiries regarding part 3 of my YUI Carousel article series, so this post is just a quick update to say it's still on it's way!

As my last post explained, I've had my house rewired and since redecorated. I had to pack my computer up in a box for 3 weeks (shock horror) whilst this was done, meaning I had little access to work on my blog articles. Since the redecorating has been finished I have had a lot of joint pain, and have now been diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis. This means that the amount of typing I can do in a day is governed by the pain in my hands :(

However I do have some bits of good news! Firstly, YUI Javascript Carousel Part 3 is in the works and should be published in a few days. Secondly, Part 3 was going to be the last article in the series but I now also have material for a fourth, and potentially a fifth article. Finally, I will shortly be receiving a copy of the forthcoming Symfony book "Symfony 1.3 Web Application Development" which I will reviewing along with some potential goodies!

In summary, there is plenty of good stuff in the works, but it's unfortunately taking me longer to get it done. So please bare with me and keep watching this space!